Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fifteen Miler & Miracle Cure For Achy Legs

This week was crazy at work so I missed one of the seven mile runs. Putting in a lot of hours left me pretty tired almost all week. I had to really force myself out the door for the four miler I did on Thursday evening. I was hoping the lower mileage week wasn't going to hurt me for the long run.

I shouldn't have been concerned. Today's group run was awesome! My legs felt great the whole way. Maybe missing the one run wasn't such a bad thing after all. I ran with the usual people plus Rick's wife Kristy. The course was a five mile loop starting and ending at the Fargo Running Company. Those of us training for the full marathon did this loop three times. They had some refreshments set up at the store. I liked being able to grab some water or Powerade and some GU after each loop.

Our pace started nice and easy averaging about 12:00/mile. I had enough gas in the tank to finish the last two miles or so at a pace of around 10:30/mile give or take a little. Even though I was definitely breathing hard by the end, it was a wonderful feeling to finish strong.

I tried something different when I got home from the run - an ice bath. Some of the other runners were saying how helpful it was to sit in a bathtub of cold water for ten minutes. Most recommended sitting in the tub first, then filling it. I am amazed at what a difference this made. After roughly ten minutes in the water I got out with no pain or stiffness. AMAZING! (Lynette was out of town for most of the day, and I had an image of her finding me all wrinkly and trapped in the tub this afternoon with legs too weak to get out).

This afternoon I went back to the running store and bought a couple pair of running shorts. I also bought some Body Glide (am I a pervert for feeling just a little dirty buying this stuff?) to prevent future chafing issues. I wish I would have had this before today's run. 

This morning I thought of a bit I have heard on the Bob & Tom radio show. I always chuckle when I hear it, so I thought I'd share the link below. Hope you enjoy it. 


  1. Betty and Tom - Good Grief!! Betty's cannibal brother having a fillet of sole?

    Sounds like the weather is not going to be a problem for your training now. But, really, an ice bath? I think I'd rather have my legs ache. Times and distances keep getting better all the time. Keep us posted!! Look forward to seeing the results of the training in May.

  2. Good luck on Earth Day Half Marathon!