Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Twenty Mile Run

Today's group run was a fifteen miler, but since I'll miss next week's twenty mile group run because I'm running the Earth Day Half Marathon I decided to go an extra five miles today. The course was made of three five mile loops (four loops for me) that started and ended at the Fargo Running Company. The weather was ideal -- cool and overcast. Everyone was in great spirits which made the fifteen miles I ran with the group fly by. I did the last five miles solo, and while they weren't nearly as enjoyable as the miles run with the group they went pretty well.

All-in-all I had a pretty decent week even with some long days at work. It felt good to get most of the runs in. I'm planning on taking it easy on the runs this week. Next weekend I'd like to push myself a bit and run a strong race at a faster pace. I'll have to see how I feel during the race.

Do a little off-roading?
My shoes took a little bit of a beating today. There were some large puddles to skirt around and of course the lawns are really swampy. I'll take the mud over the ice and snow any day.

My next post will be a race recap. How exciting!

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  1. Hey Brother, The shoes are showing the work! Glad to hear you haven't washed away. Twenty Miles!!!
    Good for you! Good luck on the half-marathon. Be thinking about you on Earth Day.