Sunday, August 14, 2011

Here I Go Again!!!

Well, apparently I'm still riding high from the marathon back in May because I just registered for next year's race. It looks like I'll have another winter filled with running hundreds of miles. Right now I've been gradually putting in more miles each week and look forward to the long runs. There's something about running for several hours at a time that I really enjoy. Is that crazy or what!

It will be interesting to see the differences in my training and in the race itself now that I have experienced a marathon. I now know some of the difficulties that I will face along the way. Will this knowledge be helpful? Is it better to not know the highs and lows that are experienced during this? I guess I'll find out. Of course there's no turning back the clock. I will always remember my first marathon and all of the joy, misery, and sense of accomplishment.

I finally made it to a Thusday morning group run from the store. I had a very enjoyable run with Jon and Connie. When they got to the store they had already put in six miles by running from their homes, and we ran four miles together. I look forward to this weeks group run.

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