Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter's Finally Here!

It seems that old man winter has finally come to our area. Thursday morning's run from the Fargo Running Company was quite cold, -18 degrees with a -30 below wind chill. I opted to run with Lamont who was only going three miles. This worked out well because I had to get home to pack for the several days I would be working in western North Dakota. The run went well even with the extreme temperatures.

I got back to Fargo about noon on Saturday. I missed this weeks group run and had to get an eight mile run in o my own. I started my run late in the afternoon. It was cold and very windy with some snow flurries. I got in the groove quickly and had one of the best solo runs I've had in a while. I started with a particular loop route in mind, but soon changed it a bit in an effort to add some miles. My route started into the wind for several miles, and after I made the turn I enjoyed a sidewind/tailwind. The snow that had fallen dampened all sounds of traffic. It was one of those runs that feels effortless; I didn't want it to end. My goal for the day was eight miles. I ended up with nine.

This morning's weather was a lot like yesterday's. I wanted to go five easy miles today in order to loosen up my legs and get them used to moving when they are tired and sore. The first couple miles felt akward; my legs were very stiff which gave me a shuffling gait. They finally loosened up for a couple miles. but soon became very heavy. I really had to push to get through the last miles. While my pace was a little slower than yesterday's run, I am happy that I was able to get six miles in today.

I am starting to feel the drive to get the miles in. It's getting a little easier to get up early for the daily run. I'm excited about the long runs. I find running for hours really enjoyable and rewarding. I'm definitely more suited to running long slow distances. I know that my stocky build and short legs should make me a natural sprinter or hurdler.

I can't do any worse than this guy.

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