Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to Get Serious

Well, I've started the new year by officially jumping into the deep end of the pool. I have entered the Trail Mix 50k race held next April at Hyland Park in the Twin Cities. So far I've only had one moment of "what did I do?" Otherwise I'm pretty excited about it.

I've just started a new training schedule, and this last week has been pretty good for getting some miles in. I'm including hills in some of my runs because there are plenty of them at Trail Mix. Okay, since hills don't exist in North Dakota I've been running across overpasses. I'll also be doing plenty of long runs through the rolling hills out near Rollag Minnesota.

I have also started (once again) to be much more mindful of what and how much I eat. Something that will help with this is our company's Biggest Loser competition that starts tomorrow. The employee who loses the largest percentage of weight wins $200.00. This is certainly going to help keep me motivated. I am also using the Lose It app on my phone. I can easily track my eating and exercising on this.

Sometimes I chuckle at myself and my seemingly unrealistic goals. I started out running three 5k races and then decided it was time to run a marathon. That certainly was a big leap, but I figured "go big or go home." I am surrounded by friends and family who have always encouraged me and have lived their lives understanding that anything is possible.

Now I've run one marathon and a few half marathons and I figure it's time to enter an ultra marathon. I have no doubt that I can accomplish this. I'm really looking forward to the challenges ahead as I enter the world of ultra marathons.

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