Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Blizzards

It seems that 2010 isn't going out queitly. In fact it is like Fargo is attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis (that's right--screwed). Okay, I stole that line from The Big Bang Theory sitcom, but it's funny and gets the point across.

Today has been spent trying to dig out from yesterday's blizzard that dumped about five inches of snow on us. The wind which gusted up to fifty mph has blocked roads and sidewalks with drifts several feet deep. Today's temperature is three below zero with wind chills of thirty below. Almost all businesses in town are closed including the gym where I had planned on completing today's run. As a last resort I spent a little over an hour on my eliptical machine. At least it was a workout.

We are now bracing for another blizzard that is supposed to hit us this afternoon. We could be getting another ten inches of snow by tomorrow night. Hopefully I can get to the gym on Sunday for this weeks long run. I'm shooting for 9 to 10 miles on the treadmill.

Okay, enough whining. I hope everyone has a great new year's eve.


  1. Wow - Makes our winter storm look tame in comparison. Although, our morning temp was 11 degrees. Cold enough for here - only about 3" of snow - NO shovels needed. We read about the storm caused 100 car pileup there. Good luck with your training!!! As Red Green would say, "We're rootin' for yah!"

  2. OBW - Happy New Year!!! It's early and I forget that it is morning - The sliver of moon just came up over the Chiricahuas; the sun is trailing by about two hours. Have a wonderful year, brother.