Sunday, December 26, 2010

Registered for Fargo Marathon 2011

Well there's no turning back now. I finally registered for the Fargo Marathon. It falls on my birthday, and I figure it makes a great present to myself. Last year on my birthday I ran the 5K which was my first race. I have been running consistently for the last year and I'm having a blast. I figured it was time to ramp up my training and what better motivation than a marathon.

I've just completed week five of a 26 week marathon training program. Today's long run was eight miles and turned out to be quite draining. Many of the sidewalks have a thick layer of compacted, rutted snow making it difficult to run across safely. By mile seven my legs were like rubber and my pace became sort of a fast shuffle. I'm just happy I reached the goal for today. Here's a short video of today's run.


  1. This seems like one of life's milestones (or is it kidney stones?) You go, guy!! Brother Dave

  2. hi, Erik, I still remember running my first and only marathon in the early eighties, as a thirty-something. I admire you for running in icy weather - I never had to deal with anything more serious than a little chilly weather! Good luck, and stay well!

  3. Hey Erik,
    Wishing you and Lynette a Happy and Healthy New Year!