Sunday, January 30, 2011

Low Mileage Week

This week started on a bit of a sour note. My morning run on Monday started well, but after only one mile the tendon behind my knee started hurting. I called it quites after two miles and iced it that evening after work. It was much better by Wednesday, so I set out for the scheduled five mile run. The pain started in after about four miles. I took some walk breaks and was able to finish all five miles. I figure I have been running differently because of the ice and snow everywhere. I think it changes my stride or causes me to run all tensed up.

I skipped this weeks group run because I wasn't confident I could last the seven miles. Instead I went to a local sports arena and ran around the track. I was able to complete four miles before deciding to stop. I hope to gradually bring my mileage back up without stressing my knee.   

Now for something positive. I have started using a foam roller regularly in order to speed recovery. During one of the training group's informational classes, the local trainer recommended using a roller both before and after workouts. He showed us the proper way to get the most out of it. While it can be a little painful whenever I roll over a knot in the muscles, it really has seemed to help.

This last weeks class was on nutrition and hydration before, during, and after the race. There was a lot of great information. My favorite part was when the nutritionist confirmed that chocolate milk is one of the best post-workout foods there is. So I've got that going for me. YEA Chocolate Milk!!!!!

I will try for three to five miles tomorrow morning. The weather is turning colder (somewhere around zero), but I still prefer to run outside. Hopefully this weeks mileage is a little higher.

Have a fantastic week.

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  1. Hope the healing is rapid and complete. You're doing an incredible job!!! Have a great week with your training.