Saturday, February 5, 2011

Longest Run & Highest Mileage Week Yet

I finally figured out what was making my knee hurt. On Monday's run it started giving me problems after about two miles. It took a little while before I noticed that my left leg pushed off differently than my right. I concentrated on pushing off more toward the big toe side of my foot and Ta Da no more pain!

Today's nine mile run was my longest yet, and it went very well. About half of my route was on a bike path with mostly clear pavement. The other half was on snow covered side streets.

Clear Pavement -- How Great!!
About an hour into the run I tried my first GU to see if it caused any problems as I ran. Some people might wonder what GU is and why anyone would want to eat it. It's a convenient energy gel, and I thought it was quite tasty. It seemed like a thick vanilla pudding. I need to get used to eating during the longer runs so that there are no unpleasant surprises come race day.

Mmmmm GU

There was one casualty today. I finally blew through the toe of my Kevlar socks. I inherited my whacky flip-back toes from my mom. My toes naturally point upwards like I'm trying to pull them back. This was great when I was in Tae Kwon Do. I was able to pull them waaayyyy back when I kicked through boards or concrete blocks thus preventing me from breaking bones. The bad news is I can put a hole in a new sock in less than a day even with well trimmed toenails. I found socks with Kevlar toes and they have lasted a couple of years. I guess I better start thinking about ordering up some new ones.

I put in my highest mileage this week -- twenty-three miles (Monday - 5 miles, Wednesday - 5 miles, Thursday - 4 miles, Saturday - 9 miles). Next week's runs on Monday and Wednesday increase to 6 miles, Thursday's stays at 4 miles, and Saturday's run is 11 miles. I can hardly wait.

I want to take a moment to congatulate Rick Wagar for completing the Arrowhead 135 race in 54 hours 25 minutes. Not only did he have to run while pulling his gear in a sled, he had to do it in temperatures of -40 not counting wind chill. That is pretty hard core racing!

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  1. Glad to hear your knee is not keeping you off the running path. Congrats on the increasing milage. Rick Wagar must be ready for the Iditarod- pulling a sled solo. What an accomplishment on the Arrowhead. Congratulation to Rick.